We're all about FUN!


Our PhotoBooth is sure to be a crowd pleaser that will keep your guests entertainmed for hours on end.  Our slim Open-Air booths don't take up alot of space and are different from traditional photobooths. Our unique Open-Air set up is designed to be versatile for any party, and is much more entertaining than traditional booths- allowing others to see your guests having fun while they wait for there turn.  In addition our booths are easily accessible for everyone.


The concept of an Open-Air photobooth allows other guests to watch the fun going on, it's not enclosed allowing others to get involved by shouting suggestions or spontaneously jumping into the shot. In addition to being a great source of entertainment and fun at every event, it makes for a great keepsake for every guest to walk away with.


While some PhotoBooths use webcams, we use top quality equipment including the use of Digital SLR cameras, professional strobe, and high quality sub-dye printers which result in wondeful professional quality photos.


Our services include a professionat attendant on site to assist your guests with the use of the photobooth and help get them ready for that crazy, funny picture.  We truly appreciate our clients and have had many raving reviews based on our services.  We are reliable, honest, trustworthy and easily reachable to answer any questions along the way.